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New server, new batch of Ultracandles

It’s being a long time since the last update but and I had to take some time off business due to private issues that were priority. I’m glad to be back on business and working hard to be ready with more props very soon.
The older server we had Egelo Shop in had a lot of problems and I experienced problems with e-mails speed and down-times very often so these last 2 days I have being moving and fine-tuning the new pages on a local hosting company instead, with much higher bandwidth and better support and stability.
Today and tomorrow I am sending out the last candles I have completed to some friends and a shop. Maybe I will have 2 pcs left, and if so they will be put out for sale here, and I will do a post on Facebook about it.
On the weekend I am starting a new batch of candles, that I hope will be done by the end of June.

I’m not taking any pre-orders for future batches, so if you wish you can be placed on a waiting list without any additional cost. Just send an e-mail to: asking for it!

Best from Curty

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Almost shipping time :)

Dear friends,


I’m now almost done producing the candles. This weekend I will be , printing the material and certificates, and prepare/cut the foam on the cases.
I also will be applying the wax if it is delivered tomorrow. They have arrived the country for days but it’s still held on courier local storage waiting for customs clearance.

It has being some though days, but I am glad that 50 candles are in their way. I had only made 2 prototypes before which took me about 4-5 days to complete each, so making them in series was a very challenging and interesting process. I am happy that went very smooth and no bigger issues needed to be solved underway.

Please follow us on Facebook (Egelo Magic) as I’ll be doing a live sending with the candle very soon, and answering questions as well demonstrating its features.

I will be sending an email with tracking number and information on the shipment to each of you during next week.

Best Regards,


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Production week!

Finally I’m able to assemble the first candles this week and hopefully our special ordered wax will be here until Friday and I can start packing and shipping them. This is going to be an amazing product and even better than the one I made first.
Last week I’ve modified over 50 silent remote controls, and now, I also got the battery capacity indicator for the internal battery so you can keep track of and control the amount of charge you put on it. These are two updates that weren’t done on the first “prototype” version.

Best Regards


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A Casual Magic Meeting in Oslo

Dear Magic Friend,

This week I’ve met Marc Oberon, who’s such an amazing magician and person, in Oslo.

I’ve had the chance to let him see and try my own personal candle, and being a fan of his marvelous act myself for many years, I feel humbled that he loved UltraCandle and that he is now a proud owner of my little prop.

Thank you Marc, I hope you have a lot of fun with yours!

“This really does feel like real magic. I love it!
Guilherme has gone above and beyond with UltraCandle.
It has clearly been created with love. A beautiful magical moment.” – Marc Oberon



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Almost everything on place!

Now it’s not long until I begin the production of the first batch of UltraCandles.
Most of the parts are now here, and the remaining ones are on their way. I’m starting to prepare the parts I can already build with what I have here at the moment so some part of the job is done.
Yesterday I got to test the cases that the candles will be sent with. Here is how one of them will look. I may change a bit the position of the items inside πŸ™‚

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next arrownext arrow

Is being such a hard work but a daily joy, to make this product happen and share it with you all. I hope you enjoy this a lot and that you will use it in many years to come.

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IMPORTANT: PayPal payments for new orders

Dear Friends,

Just some important news for any new orders:

I’ve decided to stop any payment via PayPal until they have fixed some problems I’ve being experiencing on their site. It’s buggy and still considering our account as “new”, even though we’re not, and we have a “confirmed company account”

I’ve called them today (Oslo office) and they meant it was all correct with the account, and apologize for the problem, but since they weren’t able to solve the issues their website during my call, I will take a step back and wait until they have gone through the other departments and have a concrete answer.

Until they can fix this, all payments for orders will have to be done to our company’s bank account.
We apologize any inconvenience that may cause for new orders. I’m now configuring the site with this payment method and should be up and running from tomorrow.

PS.: All orders paid by PayPal are registered, and safe, and all payments to the account are there and protected as well. So all placed orders will not be affected by this.

That was it for now.

Have a great weekend!

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Over half of the first UltraCandle batch sold!

Hello Dear Magic Fellows,

It’s a pleasure to see that so many of you are supporting the UltraCandle. I’m looking forward to start shipping them to each of you.

The first batch is soon gone, as we have some more friends and interested people planning to order this week.
I’m not planning to start selling the second batch before the first is shipping, so I can do each candle with the same amount of time and care.

Also I want to put up a forum or Facebook group, closed, where buyers can exchange ideas and experiences, and be one more channel for support if needed.

Now, let’s get back to work here as I am preparing the workshop for some serious candle making πŸ˜€

Have a magical day!