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IMPORTANT: PayPal payments for new orders

Dear Friends,

Just some important news for any new orders:

I’ve decided to stop any payment via PayPal until they have fixed some problems I’ve being experiencing on their site. It’s buggy and still considering our account as “new”, even though we’re not, and we have a “confirmed company account”

I’ve called them today (Oslo office) and they meant it was all correct with the account, and apologize for the problem, but since they weren’t able to solve the issues their website during my call, I will take a step back and wait until they have gone through the other departments and have a concrete answer.

Until they can fix this, all payments for orders will have to be done to our company’s bank account.
We apologize any inconvenience that may cause for new orders. I’m now configuring the site with this payment method and should be up and running from tomorrow.

PS.: All orders paid by PayPal are registered, and safe, and all payments to the account are there and protected as well. So all placed orders will not be affected by this.

That was it for now.

Have a great weekend!

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