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IMPORTANT: PayPal payments for new orders

Dear Friends,

Just some important news for any new orders:

I’ve decided to stop any payment via PayPal until they have fixed some problems I’ve being experiencing on their site. It’s buggy and still considering our account as “new”, even though we’re not, and we have a “confirmed company account”

I’ve called them today (Oslo office) and they meant it was all correct with the account, and apologize for the problem, but since they weren’t able to solve the issues their website during my call, I will take a step back and wait until they have gone through the other departments and have a concrete answer.

Until they can fix this, all payments for orders will have to be done to our company’s bank account.
We apologize any inconvenience that may cause for new orders. I’m now configuring the site with this payment method and should be up and running from tomorrow.

PS.: All orders paid by PayPal are registered, and safe, and all payments to the account are there and protected as well. So all placed orders will not be affected by this.

That was it for now.

Have a great weekend!

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Over half of the first UltraCandle batch sold!

Hello Dear Magic Fellows,

It’s a pleasure to see that so many of you are supporting the UltraCandle. I’m looking forward to start shipping them to each of you.

The first batch is soon gone, as we have some more friends and interested people planning to order this week.
I’m not planning to start selling the second batch before the first is shipping, so I can do each candle with the same amount of time and care.

Also I want to put up a forum or Facebook group, closed, where buyers can exchange ideas and experiences, and be one more channel for support if needed.

Now, let’s get back to work here as I am preparing the workshop for some serious candle making ๐Ÿ˜€

Have a magical day!


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Welcome to our new webshop!

Welcome to Egelo Magic!
On 2015, I’ve decided to quit selling products from other distributors and creators and we have closed our shop in August that year. Although I’ve kept our traditional “Egelo Magic School” alive, the company has since then being very busy with production of shows and events. I’ve toured in 2015 with “Til Verden”, a 120 minutes magic full stage magic show, and with “Curtys Magiske Verden”, a small magic circus in 2016.
During 2017 I’ve started the process of getting back to my ideas and creations, and since then, I’ve worked on some few props. These have being kept private and only used on my own shows.
For some months ago, after sharing some of them with friends and people I admire, and for my surprise, many wanted to have one.

The idea of doing original magic with Egelo was always there, so I’ve decided to launch some of these ideas, and only have a few range of products available, that are produced here from now on, and at the moment we are in the process of releasing our first title: The UltraCandle.

You can get more info on the candle on its own page on this web shop, so I will not be talking a lot about it here, just want to say welcome, and I that I’m looking forward to provide some of my products with you all.

Best Regards,