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  1. From the creative mind of Curty, produced by Egelo Magic in Norway.
    Welcome to UltraCandle, a touch of real magic.

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Welcome to the UltraCandle!


03.06.2019 – 2 Candles added on stock! Get them before they vanish!

A Touch of Real Magic

UltraCandle is the latest answer to the self-lighting candle plot. It takes not one, but several steps further on similar versions.

It’s a beautiful work of art. Each one is finished with real wax and with a discreet ignition system. It’s extremely realistic and looks just like a real candle even from short distances.
It lights and relights at anytime, every time and with ZERO delay! The remote is totally reliable and will work many meters away from the candle.
It can stay lit for several minutes without total melting of the top wax.
It will not spill or drip fuel when turning it upside down.
The candle can be refilled even days before use, there is virtually NO evaporation of the fuel. No stressful set-ups, but always ready to go.
There are no complicated refills on the candle: It uses fuel, wick, and one A-23 battery. Besides, it’s charged with a micro USB cable (mobile chargers are great) and will last for 60-80 ignitions for each full charge.
NO BUTANE, NO LIGHTER FLUID, NO explosion risks. All material on the tank is meant for long burning times. The tank has a capacity of over 30 minutes burning, but we recommend a 15 minutes burning each time, as the top is also made of wax.
The use of wick and fuel is low, and we send each UltraCandle with 24 extra wicks, and this is enough for a very very long time, depending on use, years to come 🙂
Each piece is handmade and have a serial-numbered Certificate of Authenticity with it. It also includes a refill bottle/syringe for your fuel, and a flight case with cubed foam on the inside, so you have the best protection to carry your candle around!

The UltraCandle’s Birth:

When creating my competition act I needed a candle. And what I found in the market was interesting, but not enough…
I needed a REAL Candle! One that not only looked innocent and exactly like the ones in the store, but also that could relight, instantly!
However, I couldn’t find it.
But the candle was such an important element of my act that I also couldn’t give it up, I knew I had to go to my workshop and do something about it.

Looking at older versions since the early ones many decades ago, published “D.I.Y.” projects and marketed products, I discovered that these had a few issues in different models, and sometimes, many issues in the same model. There were common problems to many of them shared as well, like: Short burning times, non-realistic looking, complicated or exposed ignition systems and unstable or unnatural flames. Most all of them used fuels that offered risk for me or my audience, and if I would have a candle burning for so many minutes on my act, I needed to be safe.

In that spirit of making a new element for my act and solving the issues that bothered me, the UltraCandle was created.
On the day my final working piece was done, I knew something magical was born, and after using it, testing it in many ways, and showing it to my family and friends, I was sure it was something very special. So special I wouldn’t think to sell, but after many requests and advice from friends I have decided to do it, only limiting its use on competitions until 2020. Besides that, anyone is free to use their UltraCandles in any paid job they may wish, even on TV!


Marc Oberon

This really does feel like real magic. I love it!
Guilherme has gone above and beyond with UltraCandle.
It has clearly been created with love. A beautiful magical moment.

Brett Barry

Ultra Candle is an exquisitely crafted electronic miracle that looks absolutely ordinary. It appears very well made and the remote offers nice distance. The flame looks perfect! Thanks for creating this unique & beautiful prop!

David Regal

I honestly did not think it was possible but you did it

Sean Bogunia

Great product, I must have one!

Steen Pegani – Pegani Magic

Over the years I have stocked several different attempts to create this beautiful magic moment. I just saw Curty demonstrate his candle and I am a very happy magic dealer: This is just perfect

Jean-Pierre Vallarino

I will say just one word: Magic

Paul Romhany – VANISH Magazine

Curty has created a modern miracle! Makes you look like you have a real super power!

Joe Monti

Well Done! Beautiful! I have being doing comedy magic for so many years and this self-lighting candle is pure gold! Absolutely Brilliant!

Davido – Two time FISM-winner

A real candle that allows you to create real magic! Superb craftmanship!

Fabrini – FISM 1st prize winner


Etienne Pradier

WOW! Amazing effect, and VERY easy to use!

Klas M Larsson – Swedish Inventor and Performer

Good… No, wait… ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT! Curty, you have accomplished something totally, absolutely genius!!

Bernardo Sedlaceck – Card Genius

Ultracandle looks like real magic, I’ve never seen it made that well and that practical, it’s a real candle!

Jon Racherbaumer

I’m trying to create or find a new word for that miracle that means… Wow to the nth degree!

John Houdi

Curty is a genius! Incredibly beautiful, natural looking, reliable prop.

Denis Stone

This self lighting candle is absolutely fantastic, it gets super reactions from spectators and makes you look like you have superhuman powers

Boje Hoseth

The candle for the professional. The best candle i have ever seen!!
It reacts incredible fast and it is drip-free. And the best thing: extremely well designed!
If you want real magic-you get it all in UltraCandle. Say no more.

Kevin Lunde

WOW! This looks very very good! Good work!!!

Ramade – Brazilian Legend of Magic

Very Good!!!



SIZE: Approx: 7,60 cm X 16 cm (+- 0.5cm). About the same size as standard 9" candles. For other sizes contact us.
CASE SIZE: 20 cm X 20 cm X 21 cm
Weight (candle only): approx. 500 g. About same weight and stable as a real candle.
Total Weight (with package): approx. 1700 g.
Recommended Lit Time: 7-10 minutes
Maximum Lit Time: 15 minutes (it will stay longer and up to around 25 min. but not recommended)
BATTERY - INTERNAL (200 mAh): Between 18000-24000 Ignitions Lifetime
BATTERY - EXTERNAL (A-23): Up to 11 hours (Stand-By Mode)


Package Includes:

- Black Foamed Hard Case
- The UltraCandle
- Silent Remote Control
- 10ml Fuel Syringe and Needle
- 24 Extra Braided Wicks
- Certificate of Authenticity with Unique Serial Number.


  • This is a preorder of the SECOND BATCH of 50 UltraCandles. Shipping is expected to start during the first and second week of September, 2018.
    Shipping is calculated automatically when you place your order. We have exclusive sellers in some few countries as Denmark and UK, and those orders will be directed there. You cannot choose those countries in our cart and will not be able to checkout.
    - For costumers in the United Kingdom, visit our official reseller Alakazam Magic at: www.alakazam.co.uk
    - For costumers in Danmark, visit our official reseller Pegani Magic at: www.pegani.dk
  • NOTE: VAT is ZERO and removed from the cart when ordered outside Norway.

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  1. Richard Mack

    Jeg har prøvd noen elektroniske lys gjennom årenes løp. Alt fra “The Flame of Kan-Del” fra Jim Rainho med omega
    tenningssystem via en belgisk utgave fra Lenders riktignok fjernstyrt men stående på en gigantisk sokkel for å få plass til den enorme batteripakka for å gløde kobbertråden. Deretter kom turen for en teknologisk nyvinning fra Bond Lee: Z-Candle med tazer-teknologi.. Vel.. Close but no cigar.. På siste samling i Den Magiske Ring så viste Curty meg “The Ultra Candle”. Jeg må si jeg ble overrasket. Her er alle tidligere problemer med andre lys på markedet luket vekk.. Ultra Candle kombinerer både den nyeste teknologi med en meget driftssikker tennings-mekanisme, ingen glødetråder, ingen begrensning på hvor lenge lyset kan brenne, ingen fakkel som blusser opp som en kjempe-flamme og brenner på en unaturlig måte.. Ikke noe søl.. – ja man kan holde lyset opp ned uten at lampeoljen renner ut.. Lyset er bygd rundt et “ekte” stearinlys og det brenner som et stearinlys.. En veke varer Leeeeenge.. Lang rekkevidde på fjernkontroll og sikker tenning.. Jeg må si at dette er “the final answer” i selvantennende stearinlys. Og for noen reaksjoner det gir.. Hvis man i tillegg klarer å få det til å slukke automatisk – vil jeg kalle det en revolusjon innenfor emnet.. Og da hadde jeg gitt det 10 stjerner.. Er du ute etter det “lille ekstra” eller vil sette prikken over ién der det passer inn for deg i din rutine så ville jeg ikke nølt… Anbefales på det varmeste..

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